HUSR-129 25 min


Langthangvodinhthiendia: South Korean law bans all kinds of real "penetrating" actions during adult videos, so this porn actress must covers her pussy by a large tape as you can see in 25:15 to prevent male actor from real fucking; and he also wears fake penis. The law is even more restrict than Japan one which allows censored version of genitals, where you can see "Elmer's Wife" series using a bandage for same purpose in here except for anus. Before Korean ban, you can find "Zotto tv" for example, it shows all.

Karlda2017: what is her name?who can tell me!!!!

Kalyansingh17: 25.16 you can see tape on her pussy,fake fuck and cumm

Milton1954: Lee Chae Dam best Korean porn star ever. Love the way she rides. Wish she was on top of me :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Murfee68: Very ASEXUAL

Michael Luv U: damn.. shes good


Garyung4472: 18:20 kkkkkkk

Sao 13579: vú đẹp thật

Hoapeter123X: Vú căng quá

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