Risa Oomomo goes the extra mile for her master 12 min


Elmexzmiz: I'd like to let my fbi agent know that I clicked on this accidentaly.

Fishfiiiet: What the fuck.. How are y'all even enjoying this?

Luka Mojsijev: Is this even legal?

Tappptappp: bro wtf she looks like shes 10

Whoosiewhatsit: here for the comments :popcorn:

Congocat: Risa Oomomo is a famous 18+ jav pornstar

Opaua: She should have the same right to enjoy her sexual life and make content as everyone else. She's an adult

Johnny Sins698008: Bro how old is she???

The-Shagmeister: nah this is just unsettling

Su1Dh2U3: As usual ignorant American bastards commenting about how she looks. Just because your women are fat asses, don't insult other cultures. There are lot of countries in the world where even women of 45 years age look like 18. May be if you get your heads out of your asses and learn more about other countries, you won't be so ignorant fucks.

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